Turkey Red Wheat Bread

Turkey Red Wheat Bread



1.75 lb loaf
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Turkey Red Wheat carries with it a rich history and it’s a hard winter wheat not typically grown in Ohio. When milled, it yields a flour that is slightly sweet and nutty. Our skilled DLM artisan bread bakers work it into dough and bake this Turkey Red Wheat Bread on our European hearth oven for this one-of-a-kind flavor available while supplies last each year.


Grain to Oven: Our Turkey Red Wheat Bread

Standing in our Turkey Red Wheat field, located near Waynesville, Ohio, you’re surrounded by glimpses of the past, present, and future no matter which direction you look. The wild, golden heads of this bearded wheat dance gently with the wind like a balloon batting in the sky. It’s a hard winter wheat that isn’t typically grown on Ohio soil, but here it is robust and beautiful. Just one taste of the Turkey Red Wheat Bread that we’ve baked from this wheat, and it’s clear that you’re biting into a slice of history and so much more.

Turkey Red Wheat is a beautiful sight. “It’s a wild, wild run … you see it dancing in the wind,” marvels Ed Hill of the Hill Family farms. When most people see a stump in the road, Ed will find a way around it. “When someone tells me I can’t do something, that’s a pretty good motivator,” he says. You see, Ed is the synapse that connects it all together with our story here, from cultivating a vision rooted in historical significance to figuring out the nuts and bolts so it can happen. Many didn’t think that it could be done.

Fields of wavy grain

A Crop Unlike Any Other

From the baking side, we have been amazed with the quality of bread that results from this wheat, which is locally milled into flour. The protein levels of bread play heavily into the science of baking, and this year’s run is off the chart, coming in at 13.7% , which is considerably higher than most hard winter wheats. “After the process of milling, what we find as far as bread-making is it likes a shorter fermentation time and the end product [has] got a little natural sweetness to it and also a really nice nutty flavor to it and we feel that Turkey Red Wheat … being that it’s never been hybridized … that your body tends to be able to digest it much easier,” Scott says. Jennifer adds that “it’s an heirloom grain that has not been messed with. You can trace it back to Biblical times. It’s not hybridized in any way. It’s wheat as your body knows wheat to really be.”

From grain to flour

More Than Just Bread

When we debuted a limited run of Turkey Red Wheat Bread last year, the community gobbled it up quickly. That’s why DLM increased its investment from 2.5 acres in 2016 to 10 acres of this year’s 20-acre harvest. “From farm to fork, we’re actually growing an un-hybridized, ancient grain … and we’re going to be selling it at Dorothy Lane Market’s three Bakeries,” Scott says. “This is where the future of artisan bread is going.”

We searched high and low for just the right local partners to mill this year’s crop. That search led us to Ohio-based Bear’s Mill, one of the few operating water-powered mills in Ohio. Established in 1849, it has a well-deserved place on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Using a stone mill, master miller Terry Clark worked a portion of this year’s harvest into flour to bake bread from, just the way it would have been done by Dale’s ancestors. Due to the limits of how much this historic mill could handle, we also enlisted the expertise of local Amishman Joseph Nisley to also help prepare this year’s yield into the perfect flour to bake into bread.


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Jul 12th

Hmmm. It was okay. Better than [...], I guess.

- Jack

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for the tip! Awesome!

Jul 9th

This was some good bread!

- Lou

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks so much ? ??

Jul 7th
Verified Purchase

I tried the Turkey Red Wheat bread on a whim last week. You can really taste that it is home-baked! I usually go for white breads, but if you happen to like wheat I would recommend this one.

- Mika (Mason, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Mika! We are so glad you enjoyed it.

Jul 7th

I bought this at the Oakwood location last week, it was very tasty.

- sarah

Jul 7th

- Mika (Mason, OH)

Jul 7th

What a fantastic bread!

- Mika (Mason, OH)

Jul 7th


- Lou

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